How to move out of your parents house
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At one point in life, you feel that you are ready for independence and moving out of your parents' house becomes a very attractive option. Before you leap to freedom, there are several questions that you first need to ask yourself: Read More

How To Deal With a Bad Roommate
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It is no secret that rent can be very expensive and this is why apartment dweIt is no secret that rent can be very expensive and this is why apartment dwellers will look for a variety of means to cut down on costs. The most common method of cutting costs is to share an apartment with someone else.
Read More

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If you did everything right then the answer is yes. A security deposit

is usually from about $99 to a full months rent. In some cases it is

submitted with your application. Read More

Adding A Roommate To Your Lease
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Communication with your landlord is absolutely key on this issue. Always check with your management office before letting someone move into your apartment. Read More

How An Eviction Works And What You Can Do About It
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How An Eviction Works And What You Can Do About It Read More

When Can Your Landlord Enter Your Home?
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In renting an apartment or a house you will lose some of your privacy rights. Your landlord will be able to enter your home to make repairs and in certain cases to make inspections. Read More

A Tenant Screening Service May Have Violated The Fair Credit Reporting Act
Category: Landlord Corner

Rental Research Service of Minnesota provides landlords with lists of all problem tenants having a name SIMILAR to that of the landlord’s applicant. Minnesota courts are now examining their actions to determine if they violated the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Read More

What To Bring & Not Bring To Your College Dorm Room
Category: College Corner

Before leaving for school find out what is allowed as well as what is FORBIDDEN Read More

Apartment Swapping For The Summer
Category: College Corner

Are you looking for a really cheap and exciting way to spend your summer? How about swapping your apartment! Imagine swapping your apartment in muggy Washington, DC for a really neat apartment close to the beach in San Francisco or Los Angeles. All for the price of a plane ticket. Must be a catch – right. Well, sort of. You have to swap your furnished apartment for a few months or weeks. Well, if that did not scare you off then read on. Read More

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